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In Northeast Aegean between Samos, Ikaria and Patmos there is a group of islands and small islets which called

Fourni. The group of Fourni comprises three islets (Fournoi, Thimaina, Agios Minas) and ten rocky islands.

Fourni is located 4 n.m. (nautical miles) from Samos, 6 n.m from Ikaria. Fourni is a thriving fishing village adorned by a beautiful coastline. The main village is full of mulberry trees especially in the main street lining from the harbor to a charming square.

The island is blessed with many hidden-away coves and beaches with crystal clear waters and fine sand awaiting only the adventurous to discover them either on foot or by fishing boat.

The most complicated coastline of the island is situated at southwest of Fourni. It likes that small capes-peninsulas enter the sea forming small fiord..

The village of Fourni is wonderfully vibrant in the traditional Greek way. Locals scuttle around conducting their day-to-day business, most of which is linked to the fishing fleet that is based on Fourni. The resultant price for fresh fish and shellfish (especially lobster) in the tavernas is a fraction of what you would expect to pay on other islands.

How to get to Fourni

The only way to get to Fourni is across the water. Don’t be surprised if you stay in the island more days than you have planned. Sometimes the ship schedules are cancelled because of bad weather, which this happens very usually in winter. Basically, you can get to Fourni by boat from Piraeus port. Three times a week the ferry boat going to Fourni in summer. This trip lasts about 10 to 11 hours since the ferry boat going also to Cyclades’ islands (Myconos,Paros,Syros).

Apart from Piraeus port there is the plane option. You can get to Fourni from Athens airport (also there are charter flights to Samos from abroad) via Samos or Ikaria by plane. Then you take the small ferry from Samos or Ikaria to get to Fourni. Bear in mind, that if you choose to take a plane you should confirm the boat connections between Piraeus and Fourni, or Samos-Fourni as timetables change with the season.

There is a small boat  connection from Samos and Ikaria to Fourni.The boat is the Panagia Theotokos. It departs from Fourni at 7.oo a.m in the morning and returns from Karlovassi Samos at 14:20 ,catches Ikaria, before arrives 18:00 in afternoon to Fourni.

To make a synopsis you can get to Fourni :

  •  By big ferry boat from Piraeus.
  •  By plane via Samos or Ikaria and then take the flying-dolphin or ferry boat (‘Samos Spirit’, ‘Samos Sky’).
  • By big ferry boat from Cyclades’ islands (Paros, Naxos, Myconos).
  •  Also, we can arrange to get to Fourni (from Samos or Ikaria) or to leave from the island if there are no suitable ferry connections by hiring boat.

We have to tell you that ships timetable subject to change and with the season. So, it would be better

before you plan to come in Fourni to find out and confirm the current ships, flying-dolphin and small ferry boat schedules. From our

experience we suggest you to make phone call to the port police of Piraeus or Fourni.

Below we provide some information which may be helpful to you.

Piraeus Port Authority tel (+30) 210-4172657/422-6000/452 0910/4511411

Athens Airport



OLYMPIC AIRLINES Airport tel 210 9368424, 210 9362369, 210 9368270



Airport  tel 22730-87800/61222

Olymbic Airways Tickets/Reservation seats tel 22730-27237

Samos Airport Agency tel 22730-61219 FAX : 02730-61769

Pythagorion Agency tel 22730-61300

Karlobasi Agency tel 22730-32488

Samos (Vathi-capital) Port Authority tel 22730-27318/27890

Karlobasi Port Authority  tel 22730-30888

Pythagorion Port Authority tel 22730-61225

Samos (Vathi) Police tel 22730-87315

Taxi Samos tel  Vathi tel: 22730-28404

Pythagorion tel: 22730-61405, Karlobasi tel: 22730-30777


Airport tel 22750-23888

Olymbic Airways Ikaria Agency  tel 22750-22214

Ikaria Port Authority (Agios Kirikos-capital) tel 22750-22207

Ikaria Port Authority (Eudilos) tel 22750-31007

Police (Agios Kirikos) tel 22750-22944/22222


Port Authority  tel 22750-51207

Police  tel 22750-51222

Town Hall tel 22750-51366